The Featured Article is the overview of the Old Three Fists - "Drilling, Wrapping and Scissors" - the oldest methods of Xinyi and Xingyi. 

Three Fists are recorded in old boxing manuals, however since they had been considered "Three Treasures" of Xingyiquan, they were taught only to most dedicated disciples and hence most had never learnt them. Some branches simply re-created the techniques on the basis of the brief descriptions in the old manuals, their own practice and experience. As the result the Three Fists are taught differently in various branches of Xinyi and Xingyi. Some understand  them as specific techniques, while some as more general concepts.

The article discusses the Three Fists as taught within Dai Family Xinyi and how they are explained in Xingyi, Yi Quan as well as Henan Xinyi Luhe Quan texts. For the first time the photos showing Three Fists of Dai Family Xinyiquan have been published. 

The article also contains translations of classical and modern Chinese texts, including parts of very rare "Dai Family Xinyi Boxing Manual", for the first time published in English.

Welcome to Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Pages! This site is dedicated to Chinese martial arts often referred to as Neijia - Internal Family. However you will find here not only articles about Taijiquan, Baguazhang and Xinyi/Xingyiquan, but also other arts related - because of their theory or history - to them.

The site contains many original Chinese texts, most of them translated into English for the first time ever; interviews with leading current experts of internal martial arts in China who often only now, with the country's opening to the outside world, are willing to share their knowledge and secrets of practice with outsiders; many rare photos of past and present masters. Moreover you can also find many books and video materials on Chinese martial arts released in Mainland China, most not available anywhere else. These materials can be purchased through this site.

As I have been living in China since 1990, learning the language, practicing martial arts, traveling extensively and interviewing masters living in remote villages, I hope the information included in this site will show you some aspects of the arts that most of the enthusiasts living in the West have not been exposed too.

I hope the articles published in this site will be helpful to all of us who look for true achievement in Chinese martial arts.

If you have any questions concerning the contents of this site please send me an email. The questions that I will not be able to answer myself will be forwarded to my more experienced martial arts friends, teachers and masters here in China.

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Small Frame (Xiao Jia) of Chen Style Taijiquan - the Orthodox Martial Art of Chen Clan - the article introduces a very little known and rare branch of Chen style Taijiquan, which which is probably the oldest known version of Taijiquan
Guo Weihan's Xinyiquan - Missing Link in the History of Xingyiquan Found? - the article introduces unknown branch of Xinyiquan passed by Guo Weihan, considered by many researchers the teacher of "Magic Fist" Li Laoneng
Xinyi Liuhe Quan - the Secret Art of Chinese Muslims - Part One - Brief History - this rare style, kept secret within Chinese Moslem minorities for hundreds of years, is said to be the "living remain" of original art created by Ji Longfeng, the ancestor of Xingyiquan

Dai Family Xinyiquan - The Origins and Development - many unknown facts from the history of Xinyi and Xingyiquan

Dai Family Xinyiquan - The Technical Characteristics (Part One) - for the first time in English systematic introduction to the methods of this rare internal style

Fan Family Baguazhang - introduction of this rare branch of Baguazhang for the first time in English

Brief Analysis of Chen Family Boxing Manuals - these documents written by martial artists from Chen clan of Chenjiagou tell more about the origins of Chen style Taijiquan than any other document; the article also contains biographies of famous Taijiquan researchers Xu Zhen, Tang Hao and other personages;

Brief Introduction to Yin Yang Bapanzhang - read about history, development and main features of this rare style, closely related to Baguazhang;

Bagua Taijiquan - rare style combining best methods of Cheng Tinghua's Bagua and Yang style Taijiquan

Interview with Mr. Di Guoyong, Xingyiquan expert from Beijing, president of Beijing Xingyiquan Research Association; includes bios of his teachers,  translations of classical texts and much more...

Interview with Mr. Feng Zhiqiang, Chen style Taijiquan expert from Beijing, including biographies of his two teachers - Chen Fake and Hu Yaozhen

Interview with Mr. Ma Chuanxu, Liang Zhenpu style Baguazhang expert from Beijing - Mr. Ma is president of Beijing Baguazhang Research Association and former coach for Beijing Public Security Bureau

Interview with Mr.Xie Peiqi, Yin Fu's Baguazhang exponent from Beijing - Mr.Xie is not only famous in China. but also abroad. His system combines meditation, healing and fighting art.

Interview with Mr.Liu Jingru, Cheng Tinghua's Baguazhang expert from Beijing

Excerpts from "The Book of Chang Family Boxing" - this text inspired many later writers and had deep influence on the theory of Taijiquan, Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Mei Hua Zhuang. Written by Chang Naizhou (1724-1783); also biography of Chang Naizhou; translation from Chinese
Chen Fake demonstrating First Routine of Chen Style Taijiquan (Part One) - these rare photographs are probably for the first time published outside China; you can also read recollections of Hong Junsheng, one of Chen Fake's earliest disciples (translation from Chinese)

Neijia (Internal Family)

1."Neijiaquan" is said to have been created by Zhang Sanfeng, Taoist hermit from Wudang Mountains, was a style famous in 17th century and recorded  by Huang Baijia (1634-?, student of Wang Zhengnan, Neijiaquan expert) in his "Neijia Boxing Method". The style, although very rare, is still practiced mainly in Sichuan province.

2.Styles that are based on Neigong (Internal Skill) methods which stress importance of Intent (Yi) and breathing in practice as well as relaxation. The result of practice is "not in over-developed muscles, but in strong and comfortable internal organs" (Zhang Naiqi: "Scientific Internal Boxing", 1936)

3.Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Baguazhang are often referred to as "sister arts" as they share similar principles and stress importance of "Neigong"; they are also often classified into "Wudang cathegory" because of their legendary roots in Taoist temples in Wudang Mountains and because the teachers of these three styles taught within "Wudang Department" in Central Martial Arts Academy set up in Nanjing in 1928

4.Neijia as styles based on Peng Jin


The above the definitions of "Neijia" are not exclusive.


 New DVDs
 with subtitles in

"Yi Quan" by Bo Jiacong

"Zhaobao Taijiquan" by Wang Haizhou

"New Frame of Chen style Taijiquan" by Chen Zhenglei

New VCDs

"Natural Boxing" set by Du Feihu, grandson of famous Du Xinwu

"Essence of Practical Fighting" set by ten experts of Chinese Martial Arts

"Chang Naizhou's Boxing" "Taiji Ancestor"

Qi Family Tongbeiquan by Shan Changwen

Excerpts from Chen Xin's "Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan" (two parts; translation from Chinese); classical text of Chen clan Taijiquan written in early 1900s

The Origins and Development of Taijiquan (translation from Chinese)

Important Words on Martial Applications - one of the most important texts of Chen style Taijiquan attributed to Chen Changxing carries surprising similarity to Xinyi classics (translation from Chinese)

Practice methods of Yin Yang Bapanzhang - excerpts from the book "Yin Yang Bapanzhang" - this translation directly from Chinese introduces not only interesting practice methods used in rare style of Yin Yang Bapanzhang, but also its main theory; written by Ren Zhicheng (1878-1967) and published in 1937

Ten Important Points and Eight Methods - Excerpts from Liu Jingru's new book "Baguazhang" (translation from Chinese)

Classical Texts on Xingyiquan - Excerpts from "Five Elements Explanations of Yue's Intention Boxing" - written by famous Li Cunyi and revised by his student Dong Xiusheng - translation from Chinese for the first time in English!

Ode to Che Style Xingyiquan - written by professor Che Xiangqian from Taigu in Shanxi province - interesting essay describing Che Yizhai's style of Xingyiquan

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