Baguazhang (Pakuachang), translated as Eight Trigram Palm or Eight Trigram Boxing, is still a relatively less known martial art which became famous in 19th century due to extraordinary fighting skill of Dong Haichuan servant at Prince Su's mansion.

Nobody really knows who created the art as Dong never talked about his teacher. Popular stories mention  Taoist hermits living on the mountains in Anhui and Jiangxi Provinces.

Since Dong Haichuan taught students already proficient in other arts they later developed own styles which carry their unique characteristics. The most popular styles nowadays are those coming from Cheng Tinghua, Yin Fu and Liang Zhenpu, who were all Dong's disciples.

 Baguazhang, originally called "Zhuan Zhang" (Rotating Palms) or "Mo Men" (Milling Style), is known for its unusual practice method of walking in circle, evasive footwork and using palms rather than fists. It is gaining growing popularity both in China and abroad. The practice of Baguazhang includes many training methods usually associated with Shaolin martial arts, while at the same time stressing importance of relaxation, deep breathing and harmonized combination of soft and hard power

  • Interview with Mr. Ma Chuanxu, Liang style Baguazhang expert from Beijing and president of Beijing Baguazhang Research Association - Mr. Ma Chuanxu, president of Beijing Baguazhang Research Association and former main coach of Beijing Public Security Bureau, is a living Bagua legend in Beijing. Famous for his fighting skills, many times tested during fights with bandits and criminals, strict and demanding teacher, he still remains relatively unknown abroad. In the interview he talks about the most important part of Bagua practice - Neigong - as well as Bagua fighting, Neijia and Waijia, his teachers - Li Ziming and Guo Gumin. This is the first interview with Mr.Ma in English and was conducted in November 2000.

  • Brief introduction to Yin Yang Bapanzhang - Yin Yang Bapanzhang is a rare style of questionable history. Its exponents claim it preceeds Dong Haichuan's Baguazhang and Dong originally learnt their style. However Professor Kang Gewu pointed out some contradictions in the history of the style and draw a conclusion that Bapanzhang was just another branch of Baguazhang. Regardless of the history, the style is definitely one of the most interesting martial arts applying a very special circular walking method different from popular branches of Baguazhang.

  • Excerpts from the book "Yin Yang Bapanzhang" by Ren Zhicheng - this is my translation of some chapters from Ren Zhicheng's book on Yin Yang Bapanzhang that was originally published in 1937. You will find not only theory of the style but also its special practice methods using easy to make apparatus. Enthusiast of Baguazhang should find these methods useful their own practice.

  • Interview with Mr. Liu Jingru, Cheng style Baguazhang expert from Beijing - Mr.Liu Jingru is a very well known expert of Baguazhang coming from Cheng Tinghua's line. Disciple of Luo Xingwu and grand-disciple of Li Wenbiao (Cheng Tinghua's disciple), he also studied Xingyiquan and Liuhe Mantis Boxing. In the interview he compares Neijia styles, their powers, talks about branches of Baguazhang, Bagua practice and other topics.

  • Ten Important Points and Eight Methods of Baguazhang - This is the translation of one of the chapters from Mr.Liu Jingru's book "Baguazhang". Ten Important Points and Eight Methods are the basic requirements for different parts of the body in Baguazhang practice. You will also find here Mr.Liu's detailed explanation of these classical texts.

  • Fan Family Baguazhang - This article introduces one of almost unknown branches of Baguazhang, created by Fan Zhiyong. As far as I know this style has never been featured in famous "Pakuachang Journal" edited by Dan Miller. I suspect that Dan believed one of Beijing Yin style practitioners who said that Fan Zhiyong had only learnt Qigong from Dong Haichuan and had not received any teachings on martial art. The truth is, however, that Fan's Bagua is a very interesting and complete system.

  • Bagua Taijiquan - This article presents one of the less known styles of Taijiquan, closely related to Baguazhang. Bagua Taijiquan, although coming from Yang style Taijiquan, has been modified and preserved by Baguazhang masters belonging to Cheng Tinghua's line.  NEW PICTURES !


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