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Links and Rings

Mike Sigman's Page Webpage focused on practical aspects of martial arts practice related to Peng power; as the author writes: "Our objective is to provide information for students of serious internal martial art study. As the web site evolves, please visit frequently to see new items such as practical training tips and other ideas for enhancing your training".
Joe Crandall's Page "site dedicated to the propagation and preservation of Chinese Martial Arts". Translations of rare texts on Xingyi, Bagua and other arts; also interesting articles and translations.
Lee Sheele's T'ai Chi Ch'uan Page Extensive list of links to T'ai Chi Ch'uan (Taijiquan) and related resources. You can also have a look at Lee's online Taijiquan notebook.
Yang Style Taichi (Canada) Interesting site on Yang style Taijiquan coming from Chen Weiming tradition. Taiji history, Taiji exercise, books and news; lots of links to other Taiji-related pages, including Qigong, Taoism, Chinese culture.
Andrzej Kalisz Yiquan Page This site gives detailed introduction to Intention Boxing (Yi Quan) - its history and practice methods. Many links to other Yi Quan sites all over the world.
Mike Patterson's Hsing-i Page Official site of Hsing-I Martial Arts Institute led by Mike Patterson, a long-time student of Hsu Hong Chi (Xu Hongji). Good articles, translations of original texts, video clips.
Tai Chi Union for Great Britain Tai Chi Union for Great Britain's Official Web Site, contains information especially useful for Taiji practitioners in UK and Europe with list of teachers and Taijiquan-related events;
World Chen Taiji Association of Germany Official page of World Chen Taiji Association of Germany; its president, Jan Silberstorff, is in-door student of Shen Xijing, Chen Xiaowang's disciple; WCTAG is one of the main promoters of Chen style TJQ in Europe and often hosts Chen Xiaowang's seminars (site in German);
Yongnian Taiji Martial Arts Site maintained by Ted W. Knecht; "created for those interested in Tai Chi Chuan (...) as well as other forms of Chinese Internal Martial Arts such as Qigong, Xingyiquan, Baguazhang, and others". Interesting articles on Taiji, Qigong, Xingyi and other arts;
Dave Murray's Page Page dedicated mainly to the art of Baguazhang; basics and Bagua classics;
Cutting Edge Systema (UK) Site dedicated to the fighting system of Russian Special Operation Units as taught by Vladimir Vasiliev
C.S.Tang's Page C.S.Tang is a long-time practitioners and teacher of Yi Quan, Taiji, Xingyi and Bagua in Hongkong; famous for his Cheng Style Bagua coming from Gao Yisheng's tradition; classics, articles, news, etc.
Chen Style Taijiquan Notepad Christoph D.Weinmann's very comprehensive page on Chen Style Taijiquan, where one can find glossary of terms, web resources and information on videos and other materials on the art of Chen Style Taiji;
Empty Flower Xingyiquan "an educational website devoted to the Chinese Taoist martial art of Xingyiquan" maintained by David DeVere; history and masters, Elements and Animals, principles and methods; this site is not only very informative but has also great design;
Wushan International Association This site, maintained by Paul Schwerdt, contains articles not only about Taijiquan, but also about other aspects of Chinese culture like traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, philosophy and religion;
Standing Post "A healing and martial arts newspaper" edited by Fernando Bernall with articles on martial arts, healing arts, Qigong and Yoga written by various authors;
Little Mountain Tai Chi Club Site maintained by Guy Tomash; lots of information on Yang Chengfu's Yang style Taijiquan - history and masters; translations of classical texts belonging to Yang style tradition, including those written by one of Yang Chengfu's best disciples, Dong Yingjie;
Sydney Tai Chi and Qigong Centre Howard Choy, student of Yang Shouzhong (Yang Chengfu's oldest son) and Chen Xiaowang, has put interesting articles on Chen style Taijiquan, Qigong and related arts; photo gallery has interesting photos of Chen Xiaowang;
Joseph Chen's Chen Style Taijiquan Joseph Chen has been studying Taijiquan from two famous disciples of Chen Fake - late Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang; his site contains information on both systems (with many details on Feng Zhiqiang's Xinyi Hunyuan Taijiquan system), articles and photos.
Qi Journal "Qi - Journal of Traditional Eastern Health and Fitness"; official site of "Qi Journal" which contains many interesting articles not only on eastern medicine, but also internal martial arts, Chinese Culture, etc.; regularly updated list of professionals, calendar of events and more...
NY Chen Taiji and Chinese Medicine Center Yaron Seidman's site on Chen style Xin Yi Hun Yuan Taijiquan, Hun Yuan Qi Gong and Chinese Medicine. Introduction to Taijiquan, articles on Taijiquan and Chinese medicine, poems...Yaron is Joseph Chen's disciple and student of Feng Zhiqiang.
Six Harmonies Press Official site "Internal Martial Arts", "modern journal coverage of traditional Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua, Aikido and related arts" maintained by Mike Jones, its editor and publisher.
White Crane Institute "A site for living Taoist practices for day to day life, in today's world" maintained by Serge Augier, grand-disciple of famous Natural Boxing expert, late Wan Laisheng; it not only focuses on practical approach towards internal martial arts of Bagua, Xingyi and Taiji but also covers meditation.
Eagle Claw Boxing Site of Derventis Panagiotis, student of Guo Xianhe, Beijing-based Eagle Claw expert; interesting articles on history and techniques of the system.
Chinese Internal Arts Association Site of Karel Koskuba, internal martial arts instructor and student of many renowned teachers including Chen Xiaowang, Yao Chengguang and others. Karel teaches Bagua, Taiji, Xingyi and Yiquan as well as Qigong.
Chen Style Taijiquan Homepage Herb Rich is the author of one of the most informative sites dedicated to Chen Style Taijiquan to be found on the net; history, masters, styles, weapons, articles, resources.
Chen Village (Chenjiagou) Taijiquan Daniel Poon spent several months in Chenjiagou village learning the Chen family art at its birthplace. He provides many interesting details not only about the art itself, but also about life and study in that remote place. Very interesting, especially for those who plan to come to China to study martial arts.

Tim Cartmell - Shen Wu Martial Arts

Tim Cartmell spent over ten years in Taiwan practicing and researching internal martial arts. He wrote, translated and co-authored many books, including one of the best on Xingyi published in English - "Xingyi Neigong"; he also released many instructional video tapes. Interesting articles and video clips; forum where you can post questions to Tim.

Brazilian Association of Xingyiquan

Website of late Marcello Teixeira, student of Wu Chaoxiang (who brought Shanxi Xingyiquan to South America) promotes Xingyiquan with all its combat aspects; introduction to both Five Elements and Twelve Animals, all with practical applications; many interesting articles. Site in Portuguese and English.

Brothers of Wudang

"Novell LaoShi (Lao Qiang) website is devoted to the Internal Martial Art of BaGuaZhang. Offering instruction in traditional Yin Style BaGuaZhang (Cao ZhongSheng branch), bagua weapons, Bagua Qi-Gong, BaGua Free-fighting to develop realistic combat skills."

Ching Yi Kung Fu Association

Michael Alan Brown is the president of Ching Yi Kung Fu Association, founded by Dr. Her Yue-wong; interesting photos, articles, videos.

Die Pagode

Website of Dietmar Stubenbaum, student of Chen Peiju and Chen Peishan in Small Frame (Xiao Jia) of Chen style Taijiquan; Dietmar is also responsible for activities of International Society of Chen Taijiquan in Germany; articles on Taijiquan, Xingyiquan and Qigong; website in German.

Ninjai (The Little Ninjia)

Beautiful story of the little Ninjia's travels, done in Flash by Ninjai Gang - "a group of young stuntmen by day and animators, musicians and artists by night". Message Boards, downloads, martial arts directory, etc.


Interesting website dedicated to the art of Xingyiquan; good information about the history, masters, Five Elements and Twelve Shapes, forum as well as video clips of late Wang Shujin. (in traditional Chinese)

The International Chen Style Taijiquan Association

The website of "International Chen Style Taijiquan Association founded in 1991 to promote the teaching and practice of Taijiquan as taught by Ren Guang-Yi, a senior disciple of Chen Xiao-Wang". Interesting articles, training tips, information about seminars and classes. Also Chen Xiaowang's videotapes offered for sale.

Chen Style Taijiquan Workshop Canada

The website of Li Lairen, former student of Zhu Tiancai and disciple of Feng Zhiqiang.

Chen Family Taijiquan

Chen Zhaokui Martial Arts Research Association North American Branch; the website of Marin Spivack (Mo Ling), disciple of Chen Yu (Chen Zhaokui's son) contains many interesting articles about practice, principles and curriculum of Chen Style Taijiquan as taught by Chen Yu. Marin has also put many interesting video clips on his .

Line of Intent

The website of Alex Kozma, martial artist, traveler and writer. Alex has been traveling extensively and learning from many martial arts experts. His experiences he described in two books: "Esoteric Warriors" and "Beyond the Mysterious Gate". Information on Bagua, Taiji and Natural Style (Zi Ran Men), excerpts from Alex' books, etc.

Taichi Fighting and Healing

Old Yang Fighting Style of Taichi as taught by Erle Montaigue. Web site maintained by Paul Brecher, senior instructor for London for Erle Montaigues World Tai Chi Boxing Association. Many interesting articles about Tai Chi, meditation, acupuncture.


"Tomabey - to Martial Arts and Beyond" is one of the most interesting web sites about martial arts - and not only. Focused primarily on Yi Quan, it contains many high-quality translations of original Chinese texts, discussions, list of Yi Quan schools all over the world and much more. In English and Chinese.

Gao Style Bagua

Web site of Marcus Brinkman, O.M.D. Marcus spent several years in Taiwan learning Baguazhang and Xingyi (from Hong Yixiang and Luo Dexiu), Taiji and Qigong. He also devoted over 20 years to study of Traditional Chinese Medicine with focus on pulse diagnosis. Many interesting articles, products, etc.

"China Window - the best way to China" is one of the oldest websites introducing China which has been online since 1993. The website contains wealth of information about Chinese culture, travel as well as economy, business, market. Website definitvely not to be missed by anyone interested no only in martial arts, but also in China in general.

Immortal Palm

Website of Immortal Palm Internal Martial Arts Association with many schools in the US and Sweden. The teaching curriculum of the Association focuses on Chen style Taijiquan and taught by Chen Qingzhou, Fu (Zhensong) Style Bagua and Leung Sheung Wing Tsun. Information about the schools and teachers, photos, products.

Pennsylvania Chen Taijiquan Association

The Association is the US branch of Cui Hua Martial Arts Institute of Xi'an, PR China; Frank Shierry, the head of the Association, is a long time disciple of Chen Zhenglei and Chen Liqing; Frank often travels to China and has been actively promoting Chen Style Taijiquan - especially Small Frame - in the US. History, masters, genealogy, supplies, school info.

Regan's Martial Arts

Website maintained by Danny Regan. Danny has studied various martial arts for many years, and is also indoor disciple of Li Tailiang, whose Xinyi Dao system includes Taiji, Bagua, Sanda and Xinyi/Xingyi. Interesting articles, photos as well as many clips showing various styles Danny teaches and their applications.

Yiquan Online

Website of Timo Heikkila, Yiquan practitioner and disciple of Han Jingyu, son of Han Xingqiao (one of leading disciples of Wang Xiangzhai); many interesting articles providing in-depth analysis of the teaching method coming from Han Jingyu.

Taijiquan Journal

"Taijiquan Journal - a unique, fresh look at the ancient art of taijiquan -- for students, teachers, scholars, and interested friends"; the magazine is published by Barbara Davis; covers wide range of topics related to Taijiquan - history, theory, personal experiences



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