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Date Link Contents
December 18th, 2005 Store Over 70 new titles - VCDs and DVDs - on various Chinese martial arts
Community Links to Timo Heikkila's Yi Quan Online, Danny Regan's Martial Arts website, Frank Shierry's Pennsylvania Chen Taijiquan Association and Barbara Davis' Taijiquan Journal
June 8th, 2004 Store Over 40 new VCDs and DVDs on both internal and external styles, too many titles to list them here...
Community Links to Marcus Brinkman's "Gao Style Bagua" website, Immortal Palm site as well as China Window
November 3rd, 2003 Store New DVDs on: Wudang Martial Arts; Cai Li Fo Boxing (Choy Lee Fut); Liang Style Baguazhang

New VCDs on: Stick Fighting Methods from Western China; Traditional Martial Arts from Shaolin; Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan; Tongbeiquan; Songxi Neijiaquan; Mi Zong (Lost Track) Boxing; Wudang Chunyang Boxing; Liangshan Martial Arts

August 25th, 2003 Store New VCDs on: Yin Yang Baguazhang of Tian Family; Shang Style Xingyiquan; Wu (Yuxiang) Style Xingyiquan; Practical Fighting Skills of Taijiquan; Liang Yi Style of Point Striking; Northern Wu Style Taijiquan; Northern Kicks - Chuo Jiao Fan Zi Quan; Bajiquan; Cheng Style Baguazhang; Sun Style Taijiquan; Cannon Boxing of Three Emperors
Community Links to Tomabey web site and Paul Brecher's "Tai Chi Fighting and Healing" site
July 8th, 2003 Secret of Old Three Fists "Secret of Old Three Fists" - Brief Overview of the Oldest Methods of Xinyi and Xingyi;
Community Links to Chen Family Taijiquan website of Marin Spivack; Line Of Intent - web site of Alex Kozma
Store New VCDs on: Small Frame of Chen Style Taijiquan; Chen Style Taijiquan (Collector's Edition); Feng Zhiqiang's and Hong Junsheng's versions of Chen Style Taijiquan; Free Fighting and Grappling - Throwing and Grappling - Fighting Methods - of Chen Style Taijiquan; Sanda - Chinese Free Fighting; Choy Lee Fut (Cai Li Fo); He Style Taijiquan; Second Routine of New Frame of Chen Style Taijiquan and its Fighting Applications; Zhao Family Xingyiquan
May 5th, 2003 News Two Old Generation Xingyi Masters Pass Away
Store New VCDs on: Natural Boxing of Du Xinwu, Chen Style Taijiquan and its Fighting Applications, Chang Naizhou's Boxing, The Essence of Practical Fighting of Traditional Chinese martial Arts, Qi Family Tongbeiquan, Taiji Meihua Praying Mantis Boxing, Practical Qin'na Methods, Xingyi Stick and Sword
New DVDs on: Yi Quan and Zhaobao Taijiquan
March 9th, 2003 Interview with Mr Di Guoyong Interview with Mr Di Guoyong, Xingyi expert and president of Beijing Xingyiquan Research Association
Community Link to the European Daoyin Yangshenggong Federation - Italy web site
Store New VCDs on Pushing Hands of Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan, Hulei Jia (Sudden Thunder Frame), 2002 Jiaozuo Int'l Taiji Pushing hands Tournament, Wudang Martial Arts, Taoist Martial Arts from Qingcheng Mountain, taizu Long Fist Boxing, Yue Fei's Boxing, Stick Methods from Western China, Ba Shan Fan Boxing, Sun Bin's Boxing
November 13th, 2002 Store New DVD on First Routine of New Frame Chen style Taijiquan added to Chen Zhenglei's set
New VCDs on First Routine of New Frame of Chen Style Taijiquan and its Fighting Applications by Zhang Zhijun; Taiji Wuxing Tongbeiquan; Shaolin Five Animals Eight Methods Boxing; Yang Family Qingping Straight Sword and Flower Boxing
October 30th, 2002 Community Link to the International Chen Style Taijiquan Association
Store New set of DVDs (with subtitles in English) on "New Frame of Chen style Taijiquan" by Chen Zhenglei
New VCDs on Taiji Pushing Hands and Broadsword by Wang Peisheng; Baguazhang by Kang Gewu; Seven Stars, Six Harmonies and Taiji Praying Mantis by Huo Ruiting, Zhang Daojin and Sun De
October 3rd, 2002 Small Frame of Chen style Taijiquan "Small Frame of Chen style Taijiquan" - characteristics, history, photos of masters of this rare branch of Chen style Taijiquan
Store New DVDs (with narration in English and Chinese) on "Old Frame of Chen style Taijiquan" by Chen Zhenglei and "Yang Family Taijiquan" by Yang Zhenduo

The 7th China Yongnian International Taijiquan Gathering to be held in late October 2002

September 14th, 2002 Store New VCDs on Liang style Baguazhang, Mian Zhang (Cotton Palm), Xingyiquan Competition Routines, Demonstrations of Taijiquan Masters and "Class with Taijiquan Master"
About Me "Dragon's Full Glory" by J.J.Counsilman
August 18th, 2002 News

"The Sublime Martial Art" - Shaolin Soldier Monks  Make Their Living

July 29th, 2002 News The First Wushu Sanshou World Cup, Shanghai July 25th - 27th, 2002; New VCDs to be released in 2002
Community Links to: Brazilian Association of Xingyiquan,  Brothers of Wudang, Ching Yi Kung Fu Association, Die Pagode, Ninjai (The Little Ninjia) and Xingyiquan websites
May 21st, 2002 News Mr. Wang Fu, Yin style Baguazhang expert from Beijing, passed away on May 17th, 2002; There are still hopes that Wushu may enter 2008 Olympics
May 15th, 2002 Store New VCDs on Xinyi Liuhe Quan and Traditional Chinese Wrestling
May 11th, 2002 Community Link to Tim Cartmell's Shen Wu Martial Arts web site
April 25th, 2002 Jarek's Chinese Martial Arts Pages have moved to this location. New article on Guo Weihan's Xinyiquan published

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